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Products expertise

The expertise developed jointly by our maize processing specialists and our development managers allow us to offer our customers innovative solutions that meet their needs.
KALIZEA has over 30 different ingredients made from natural maize fractionation processes.
The technical, nutritional, and organoleptic particularities of each product are controlled with the greatest care in order to guarantee optimal quality and consistency.

A maize grain is made up of four main fractions:
The bran found in the grain's pericarp and which, when mixed with the starchy endosperm, can be used in the composition of complete animal feed products.
The vitreous endosperm is the most starch-rich part of the kernel. After several milling, separation and blending phases, a wide range of products is obtained, from semolina, to flour, and grits.

These are so many ingredients that go into breakfast cereals, biscuits, and bakery products, as well as being used by brewers.

And finally, the germ is used to extract a virgin maize oil. After roasting, the maize germ can be used in a multitude of products for its notes of hazelnut and toasted cereal flavours.

SEMOULES FARINE GRITZ MAISAll our products are exclusively obtained by mechanical processes, without using additives, in order to retain the natural properties of the cereal throughout the process. They therefore boast a "clean label".

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